Private classes

These are our customer specific classes that are intended for a paddler who only wants to work on a specific thing.

We are located in Pinellas County Florida.  We are conveniently positioned between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

We offer private sea kayaking lessons for an individual & couples (2 students per class max) from a basic introduction to kayaking to more advanced skills such as Greenland Kayak Rolling.  Each class is unique and customized to your personal goals.  Kayaks, PFD & paddle are not provided.

To schedule a class on Sunday contact my mobile phone 727.204.8810 or email Jeffrey at

  • Confidence on the Water $50
    • Class is about 3 hours in duration.
    • This unique kayak builds on paddlers knowledge of their known paddling techniques.
    • The goal is to increase fun and a paddlers time on the water while decreasing shoulder and back problems.
    • Learn tricks on how to enjoy paddling from lakes, rivers, protected flat water environments, and slightly windy ocean environments.
  • Foundation Skills Kayak Class $75
    • Every Sunday at 10am
    • Class is about 3 hours in duration
    • Develop the foundations needed for easy, skillful kayaking in most conditions
    • Learn efficient forward paddling, turning, reverse paddling and stopping
    • Stability and preventing capsize
    • Rescue, assisted, and self-rescue
    • Lifting, launching, and landing your kayak
  • Directional Control $75
    • Class is about 3 hours in duration.
    • Directional control examines how movement is effected by the placement of the paddle, degree of edging, and blade angle
  • Rolling Class $50
    • Sunday by appointment
    • The Private class is about 1 hour in duration
    • The roll requires little upper body strength
    • Paddlers will develop a safe capsize recovery by using their hips to roll
    • If you paddle mostly in flowing seas we will focus more on bracing to decrease the need of rolling
    • ($35 for repeat sessions)

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