Liquid Rhythm Kayaking

…is a website developed in 2007 by enthusiasts who love being outside.  Our goal is to share our love and knowledge of kayaking and the outdoors with others.  Like you paddling is our dream, passion, and means of relaxation.  Sean, and I come from different worlds.  Even with the different comical differences we have joined forces to combine skills and knowledge with other people in the paddling community to help make the water more accessible to everyone.  We have a blog that goes through cycles of inactivity and prolific writing.  The reality is when we are not posting we are outside camping, paddling, hiking, teaching, working day jobs, being parents, and keeping spouses happy.  It is not easy to juggle and sometimes we drop a ball.

The nice thing about our website is that you will discover several things.  We have covered topics on camping, food, recipes, expeditions, gear, and movie reviews, what to do when there is no water to play in, how to deal with pain, our short biographies, and a list of classes that we have polished to help you get out and have more fun.  There are also links to organizations that we have been apart of.  And other resources that will help you fulfill your dreams, passions, and relaxation outdoors.

– Jeffrey